The SRFC Annual General Meeting commenced at 1945 on Monday 12th September at Rose & Crown, Sandridge.
Chaired by Paul Durant
1. Attendees & Quorum check
Paul Durant U12 Centurions & U8 Tigers
Darren Regan U12 Terriers
Simon Field U18 & Treasurer
Charlotte Dingwall (Club Secretary)
Laury Howat (U12 Centurions & Club Safeguarding & Welfare)
Xiaoyong Ding U16
Eddie Hemming U16
Mark O’Donovan U15
Brent Merrick U14
Simon Richards U13
Vicky Penn U10 Saints
Paul Salter U10 Saints
Ollie Poole U8 Tigers
Catherine Petre U10 Raiders

There was representation from each age group

2. Club Rules
The Group acknowledged that the notice given for the AGM was shorter than the Club Rules stipulate, and agreed there was no issue continuing with the meeting.

No change to rules for 2022/23 season

Only point highlighted to each Club Rep is that the Club will no longer pay any fines which player’s get from referees. This to be communicated to parents/grown-ups of all ages.
3. Nomination & Election of Club Chairperson members of Club Committee
Decision was agreed unanimously by all present Club Committee members have done an excellent job and all voted they remain in role, as follows:
Laury Howat (Safeguarding & Welfare Officer)
Charlotte Dingwall (Club Secretary)
Simon Field (Treasurer)
Paul Durant and Darren Regan will continue as Co-Chairperson
4. Club Review of the 2021-22 season
Paul Durant thanked all the committee members for their outstanding work during the last year, and thanked all the managers, coaches and other helpers of every team for providing the support required for the teams to play football.

Darren Regan was also thanked for his work bringing in grant income.

There was a return to ‘normality’ last season following COVID, especially after Xmas, which was great for all those involved with the club.

U14s won their Division which was fantastic achievement for the team who joined us last season. They were 1 of 4 new teams who joined. Great to see all have continued and we wish U10 Saints, U10 Raiders and U8 Tigers the best as their 2nd season at Sandridge Rovers commences.

We held our first parent only social Quiz night and the traditional Award Afternoon taking place on Saturday late afternoon, allowing new parents and players to see other teams and the Clubhouse facilities.

The club held a number of First Aid courses during the year which has enabled there to be multiple qualified first aiders across all teams.

The Club newsletter was started last year and will continue this year.

The Club welcomed a new sponsor, with O J Poole Electircal Services Ltd providing sponsorship towards the awards evening.
5. Club Finances
Simon shared below 2021/22 key financials

Opening balance



Closing balance as of 31/7/22

During the year a member of Committee managed to get a volunteer hour matching scheme grant for approx. £1700. This along with the Quiz night helped ensure that Club could retain the annual subs fee at £200 for 2022/23 season. Committee very mindful of cost of living.
6. Team Committee representatives
We had 1 rep minimum from each age group who will confirmed again as their Team Committee rep. Main emphasis is if they can not attend the bi-monthly Team Committee meetings that they get another coach to attend. Chair shared the proposed 2022/23 Team Committee meetings remain on Mondays at 19:45. The dates to be shared on WhatsApp group but for minutes these were shared as as 14th Nov, 16th Jan, 13th March and 8th May
7. 2023 AGM
Agreed that AGM works best to take place post Club Finances being completed and during first or 2nd week of September ahead of each season. As it stands Mon 11th Sept 2023 would be the next AGM.

There was no AOB or further questions.
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