Welcome to Sandridge Rovers Juniors

A friendly, community RUN club serving THE sandridge and SAINt Albans AREA.

Sandridge Rovers Juniors is a committed, enthusiastic group of like-minded coaches, parents and kids having fun playing the beautiful game.

We hope this site gives you a flavour our club - what we’re about and what we believe in. We have teams across the age spectrum, from those just starting their journey to those moving closer to the adult world!

We’re interested in connecting with like-minded people who share our values. We welcome those who like to muck-in and would love to be part of a developing, thriving footballing community!

So, if you’re a grown-up interested in starting a team, or a player looking for one to join, read on!
“I’ve never scored a goal in my life without getting a pass from someone else.”
Looking for a team?
Great, get in touch!
You may be a player looking for a team, the parent of a child who wants to join in or families looking for a team together. We can help connect you with a team that suits your needs.
we have spaces in teams for season commencing 2023-24.
Starting a team doesn’t have to be a lonely step into the unknown...
We can help!
We know how daunting taking responsibility for starting a team can seem, believe us! The passion is there, the will is there - if only there was someone to help guide you through it... Well, we’ve got your back.
For the community...
...by the community
All our teams have been set up and managed by people just like you. We are parents of school age kids and all glad we took the plunge - it’s been worth it! We can offer advice, support and welcome you as members of our footballing community.

Go to the Manager’s office to read the stories of people who did step out into the unknown and started junior teams with the club...
Team progression
Under 7 - Under 8
The FA now recommends that children of this age play 5 v 5 matches with a size 3 ball and goalposts that measure 12 x 6 ft. The pitch should be 40 x 30 yards with penalty areas of 16 x 9 yards.

under 9 - under 10
Matches at this level should be 7-a-side and played with mini soccer goals measuring 12 x 6 ft on a pitch measuring 60 x 40 yards with a penalty area of 18 x 10 yards. A size 3 ball should be used for Under 9s games, but the Under 10s need a size 4.

under 11 - under 12
There is another step up at this age with all games played as 9 vs 9 on pitches measuring 80 x 50 yards with penalty areas of 32 x 13 yards. The goalposts should be 7 x 16 ft and size 4 balls must be used.

under 13 - under 14
At this age youngsters can start playing 11-a-side matches but the pitches and goals are still not full size. The posts should be 21 x 7 ft, while the recommended pitch size is 90 x 55 yards, with penalty areas of 35 x 14 yards. A size 4 ball should still be used.

under 15 - under 16
The recommended pitch size at this level is 100 x 60 yards but everything else is as you would find in a senior game. A size 5 ball and 24 x 8 ft goals should be used while the penalty area will be 44 x 18 yards with the penalty spot 12 yards out.

under 17 and above
Youth teams at this age should play on a full-sized pitch of 110 x 70 yards, like senior sides do, with standard goalposts and a size 5 ball.
Spectators’ Areas 
We follow the FA’s recommended ‘Respect Designated Spectators’ Area’ for all age-groups. This is to prevent over-enthusiastic parents from standing on the sidelines and shouting at the kids and referee. The area will be clearly marked and, if possible, be at least 3 yards back from the pitch and only run down one touchline.
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Being a Rover
what it’s all about
Being a Sandridge Rover means working hard and playing hard - 110% effort and commitment at all times!

Teamwork is our super-power and together we strive to learn, encourage each other and develop the skills we need to reach our full potential.

Win, draw or lose, we do it together - always with a smile on our face!
Coming together is a start,
staying together is progress,
working together is success.
Our Story
how it all began
Sandridge Rovers Juniors started life as two teams from London Road Juniors that became affiliated with the Sandridge Rovers Adult team. From this modest start, our current chairman Jon Pinkham led development of the Juniors and, as of the 2020-21 season, we now have 7 youth teams that play at U15 and younger.

Being a community oriented club is important to us. Over recent years we have forged partnerships with three nearby primary schools where our U12 and younger squads play League matches.

Our older teams play 11-a-side matches at venues within St Albans. U15 upwards play matches on the adult Spencer Playing Fields pitch.

Most of our squads play matches on Sundays in the West Herts Youth Sunday League. Additionally we have a squad that plays in the Chiltern Junior League on a Saturday.

The majority of our teams are coached by enthusiastic parents and the club subsidises FA Level 1 coaching training upon joining and setting up a squad. We have a collaborative Coaching Committee to support learning so that expertise is shared across the board.

Many of our squads have coaches who have real grassroots football experience. So, both at the start of your football coaching journey and thereafter, someone will always be there to help and answer questions you have - no matter how big or small.

We’ve been there ourselves after all!
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