Our guiding principles

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we are sandridge rovers juniors
We exist to give our young players the experience of being part of a team in the game of football, on the journey of life!
We believe...
We have mixed abilities, but not mixed attitudes.
We respect ALL those around us - players, coaches, referees, parents and opposition. Good manners & politeness show this respect.

Every child is unique, but equal in value - as coaches, we see you as special and will help you become as good as you want to be.

Teamwork is our guiding principle - together we are greater than the sum of our parts - all for one and one for all!

Healthy is happy - healthy body, healthy mind! Keeping fit is good for you and essential to the team.

Effective communication - both on and off the pitch, keeps us on-track, strong and together. Useful and helpful is best!

Positivity is a superpower - we support and encourage each other through thick and thin - win, lose or draw. As players, our mindset drives our actions - 100% in training and matches.

Parent power is our rocket fuel - we rely on your proactivity, support and contribution - both at home and on matchdays - to keep our young stars happy, healthy and on time!

Mutual generosity is key -
your time and effort to the group is what drives us forward, together we share the load and the success.

The baseline for being a Junior Rover is being respectful, having a positive attitude, taking pride in your fitness and having a willingness to learn.
A pathway to adult football
the journey continues...
The friendships and bonds our players make coming through the ranks are precious commodities and serve them well as they mature.

To aid the transition from youth football, we’ve created a pathway for our U15 and upwards to connect with the Reserve and First Teams.

Unlike other nearby youth teams, we have a deep connection with the Sandridge Rover Adult team set up.

We want to ensure that when our players leave Secondary education and continue either to college, university or the world of work, they can continue their football journey into adulthood - all within the Sandridge Rovers family.
Our club rules
code of conduct
At Sandridge Rovers we adhere to the FA’s code of conduct
For details please follow the link.
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