parent & Club welfare officer
We moved to St Albans in 2016 when my eldest son was 7. He was missing his old friends and struggling to settle in. Then a friend suggested he joined some of his classmates in a kick around that Brent (now coach of our U12s) had set up, with a view to joining Sandridge Rovers as a team.

He instantly felt he belonged. He’s now 11 and his best friends are his teammates. He has loved every second of training and matches, despite some hefty defeats in the early days :)

When my youngest son reached 7, I wanted him to experience the camaraderie and support of the Sandridge Rovers set up, the same as his brother. We asked on the class whatsapp group if other kids (boys and girls) wanted to join a team and if there were parents that would help coach and organise.

It all started very organically, with training sessions to see how committed kids and parents were, and it's grown from there. The team are now in their 3rd season and still loving it!

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