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At a fete to celebrate Sandridge’s 900th year, my eldest son was having a kick about with some friends when we were asked if he played for a team. He didn’t, but we said we were looking for one.

A month later he was playing for Sandridge Rovers U9s, starting a journey filled with happy memories that will stay will him and the rest of the family for all our lives. He is currently playing for the U15s.
At training, some younger siblings were present but had nothing to do, so I offered to run a session for them. We didn’t quite have enough to make it work, so we asked a few of their friends if they wanted to attend and they came along.

They told their friends and they told their friends, who then told their friends. Within a few weeks we had over 30 children attending - talk about being thrown in at the deep end!

Thankfully, lots of parents started helping out and from that, an U7s and two U8s teams were formed. I took on the role of manager of the U7s.
Our U7s Team have gone on to considerable success. At U8s we were West Herts Champions and U9s Winners of both the prestigious St. Albans City Tournament and Aylesbury Tournaments.

It’s always a challenge to manage and run a team, there are highs and lows, but when you get it right, it’s a truly rewarding and uplifting feeling.

Several of the boys now represent local league clubs and the St. Albans District, but all have remained loyal to the team and each other. They still play for and represent Sandridge Rovers every week and that team bond has helped them achieve great things on and off the pitch.

We set out to build character and the players have never disappointed us as parents or coaches.

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